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Unbelieveably large gap in posting

December 4, 2007

Ok. Ok. We haven’t been posting lately. Actually, Shanon hasn’t been posting. That’s not to blame her. That’s to say I haven’t even been involved for months. So, a new years resolution (a little early) is to post more.

The message for the day. Just because it’s Winter, doesn’t mean you and your dog shouldn’t be outside

Case in point. We had our first big snow in Minneapolis this weekend. It was amazing. For Bauer, my Golden, it’s the best time of year. All new kind of smells and fresh tracks fill the yard. The creek freezes over and he can go anywhere in the Park.

The easiest way we both get exercise is when I shovel. In between shovels, I throw the ball. Does it get lost? YES. Does he find it? YES. He loves to dig his head in the snow.


The one issue we do have in the winter is that ice clumps between his pads (yes, there is some product promotion coming). The Stunt Puppy Everyday Booties OR the Traction Booties fit the bill. We sell them in ones so if you lose one, it’s easy to replace. And they’re a bargain at $4 each. End of promotional message.

Enjoy the Winter. Get out with your dog!


Calling all Runners for the Monster 5K-9

October 26, 2007

Stunt Puppy is proud to sponsor the first-annual Monster 5k-9 on Saturday, October 27th and Sunday, October 28th. The human/dog race will be held in two cities on October 27th (Minneapolis, MN, and Wausau, WI) with the third race in Eugene, OR, on the 28th. The Monster 5k-9 is part of a Monster series, organized by Team Ortho, a non-profit charity organization that raises money for Orthopaedics research.

Human racers receive special Stunt Puppy/Team Ortho race shirts, while their K-9 counterparts get a Stunt Puppy Everyday Collar and a treat from Sojos. In addition to the race itself, there is also a doggy costume contest. The Stunt Puppy team will be on hand for the Minneapolis race, so if you’re in the Twin Cities area, feel free to stop by the Lake Harriet Pavilion! Photos and a recap to follow. . .

Back to School Blues

September 26, 2007

Now that we’re a few weeks into the new school year, have you noticed any different behavior from your family pooch? Does Fido sit by the window, waiting for the big yellow taxi to drop off some of his favorite people? Does Sally ‘leave her mark’ in the living room after spending the entire day home alone?

If so, your beloved 4-legged friend is telling you that they’re not dealing with the change in their environment very well. Separation Anxiety is commonly experienced by dogs who are not prepared to see their favorite friends go and don’t understand where they suddenly went. But don’t worry, there are a number of things you can do to ease the transition:

  • Keep Hellos and Goodbyes low key—watch the high-pitched greetings which have a tendency to excite animals
  • Have a variety of engaging toys easily accessible for the dog
  • Leave a radio on in another room
  • If you are worried about physical destruction, you can crate the dog. It’s important to make the crate a nice place; special treats and toys left there will be a signal to the dog that the crate is a positive place to be.
  • When you return home, create a routine that includes the dog: feeding, watering, walking, brushing, etc. If you have children, encourage them to read to the dogs.

The fact of the matter is that the dog misses spending time with you. And time spent with your dog is time well spent.

British Brothers charged with over feeding dog

January 16, 2007

David and Derek Benton, from Fordham, England, were convicted of unnecessary suffering for allowing their 10-year-old chocolate lab “Rusty” to get so obese he weighed twice as much as he should (almost 150 pounds).

Running with your dog

December 27, 2006

Of course – we want everyone to check out the Stunt Runner™, but before you run with your dog – check out these articles. Also – be sure to check with your veterinarian before starting your dog on an exercise program. Make sure running is the right kind of exercise for your dog.

Running with your dogl

Exercising with your dog