Unbelieveably large gap in posting

December 4, 2007

Ok. Ok. We haven’t been posting lately. Actually, Shanon hasn’t been posting. That’s not to blame her. That’s to say I haven’t even been involved for months. So, a new years resolution (a little early) is to post more.

The message for the day. Just because it’s Winter, doesn’t mean you and your dog shouldn’t be outside

Case in point. We had our first big snow in Minneapolis this weekend. It was amazing. For Bauer, my Golden, it’s the best time of year. All new kind of smells and fresh tracks fill the yard. The creek freezes over and he can go anywhere in the Park.

The easiest way we both get exercise is when I shovel. In between shovels, I throw the ball. Does it get lost? YES. Does he find it? YES. He loves to dig his head in the snow.


The one issue we do have in the winter is that ice clumps between his pads (yes, there is some product promotion coming). The Stunt Puppy Everyday Booties OR the Traction Booties fit the bill. We sell them in ones so if you lose one, it’s easy to replace. And they’re a bargain at $4 each. End of promotional message.

Enjoy the Winter. Get out with your dog!


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